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About Us

 Men of Kink is a new play party for men with kinks and fetishes in New York City. It's a place to meet like-minded souls, explore the range of kinks/fetishes present within our community, enjoy common interests and celebrate each other's differences.

Come to our parties to meet and greet, see and be seen, play and get to know other kinksters.

If you look up "kink" in the dictionary, it is defined as a bend in something that would otherwise be straight. So, our kinks describe areas of sex about which we deviate from the norm or, often, were shaped by our perception of ourselves or a primary or outstanding experience we've had — some positive, some negative. For the kinkster or fetishist, engaging in their particular kinky sex act(s) is a path to getting off by either reliving a past experience or seeing a possible future one.

We meet Sundays in Hell's Kitchen from 7-10pm.

If you like to get kinky with your sex or you find it interesting to meet those who do, please join us.

Master Alek and Barry

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