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Party Rules

1  Before the Party

  • Dress code: Underwear, naked or fetish gear.

  • No drugs or alcohol allowed at the party. No smoking or vaping.

  • Reminder: We can only accept cash.

  • We provide regular-sized and gold (large-sized) condoms and water-based lube.

  • Come showered and wear deodorant. Although you might find your own scent nice, not everyone does.

  • Please take care of all personal hygiene issues (like douching / doing an enema) before arriving at the party. Anyone that plans to bottom at the party should be clean, as messes put a real damper on the party atmosphere. If you don't know how to clean the inside of your ass because you're new to bottoming, ask a good friend what to do or click here for an illustrated guide. Please do not wait until arriving at the party to do this.

  • Please avoid strong-smelling colognes / perfumes.

  • Feel free to bring gear to play with in a small or medium-sized bag.

2  Checking In


  • You MUST check your cell phone and any other electronic devices capable of making calls, sending texts or taking pictures or video. NO EXCEPTIONS. If it lights up, check it, as the light distracts other people. Photography is strictly forbidden at all times at the party address. Please put your cell phone on vibrate before checking it. Cell phones can be used in the check-in/check-out area for exchanging numbers. Men that bring their cell phones inside the play space will be asked to leave.

  • A small or medium-sized bag is allowed inside the playspace.

  • You'll put your clothes on a hanger or a plastic bag we provide. We don't use plastic trash bags at this party, but you're welcome to bring your own.

  • Please bring only the basics to the party and try not to revisit the clothes check multiple times during the party.

  • If you're leaving your underwear on and think you'll take it off later, skip a step and just go naked from the start as your underwear could get dirty if you set it down somewhere or you let it fall to the floor.

  • The clothes check room/area is secure and is attended by the staff throughout the party. You should put your wallet, keys, cell phone, etc. in your pockets or bag before we hang your items, just as you would at a normal coat check. If you have a specific concern, please ask us.

3  At the Party

  • Soft drinks and water are complimentary, as are refreshments. Please help yourself and dispose of any trash in trashcans.

  • Watersports (piss play) and scat are not allowed.

  • Overly aggressive behavior towards one or more individuals ruins the party for other members and will not be tolerated. Alert the host if anyone is bothering you.

  • Please be careful not to pile onto another couple or group unless they seem interested in having you join them or are giving signals that they're interested. Although it is a sex party, not everyone is looking for a giant group fuck, though this definitely does happen at times. Use your best judgment.

  • DO NOT ENCIRCLE, HOVER OVER, TOUCH WITHOUT PERMISSION OR IN ANY OTHER WAY INVADE THE SPACE OF TWO OR MORE GUYS WHO ARE HOOKING UP WITH EACH OTHER NEAR YOU.  You are free to look, watch and enjoy with your eyes an environment full of guys enjoying themselves and each other; but if you wish to engage anyone physically or in an explicitly sexual way you need to  have their consent. So, what constitutes consent?

  • If a guy asks or tells you to do something to him, you have his consent.

  • If you ask or instruct a guy to do something to you, he has your consent.

  • Once you're hooking up and touching, kissing, licking or sucking each other or one of you is engaged in fucking the other's ass, it is your responsibility to alert your partner if something isn't working or you no longer wish to be engaged. Be polite but be clear, and do not tolerate being ignored. If he does not listen and respond to your request or instruction to stop doing something within a moment or two, get his attention more forcefully so that he understands what you are telling him.

  • If you need assistance dealing with a problem with another guest, raise your voice so that others hear you and have them alert the host or another staff member.

  • Do not escalate the situation any further on your own! Instead, please allow us to resolve the situation right away. We ask this so that (1) we may be aware of any misbehavior or worse and (2) so that guests who have not respected the rules of consent or broken another important rule may receive a warning or be ejected or banned from the parties. 

  • Please be respectful of other guests and see one of the hosts if you have concerns.

4  Additional Rules

  • NO DRUGS; NO ALCOHOL; NO SMOKING OR VAPE PENS; NO CHEWING GUM. We do not serve alcohol and do not allow BYOB at our events. Men that appear too intoxicated to play nicely will be politely asked to leave and either join us another day or not return.

  • Poppers are okay, just don't overdo it; we've had people pass out because of popper use. NEVER use poppers if you've taken Viagra, Levitra, Cialis or similar erection-enhancing pills or if you are on blood-pressure medication; the combination can cause cardiac arrest!

  • PROPER ID / EMERGENCIES. You need to bring physical photo ID if you look close to 18 but everyone ought to have something identifying them among their belongings in the event of an emergency. Please keep ID in your checked items in the event you lose your clothes check ticket.

  • LOST AND FOUND. At most parties someone loses something. Be careful you've secured all of your things when you check in and out (don't leave your stuff in the changing area). If you realize you've left the party without one of your things, come back before the party ends if you can. The spaces we use for the parties see a lot of foot traffic, so the sooner you contact us the more likely you are to get your stuff back. Items such as socks, a pair of underwear or bottles of poppers are discarded at the end of the party. Umbrellas will be kept on a best-efforts basis. More significant and / or valuable items such as glasses, keys, wallets, jewelry, passports, substantial clothing articles and the like will be kept safely for two weeks then discarded, unless it's a wallet that has ID with address on it, in which case it will be dropped in a USPS mailbox. The best way to contact us to retrieve lost items is e-mailing

Thank you for your cooperation.

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